Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) return?


Because the Ovation Technique is much less invasive than the endoscopic or open surgery, there is less scar tissue that can form. In the five years this procedure has been done, we have had zero reoccurrences. Reoccurrence is likely to occur when there is a significant amount of scar tissue that forms, which can happen [...]

Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) return?2020-01-17T09:26:50-06:00

Can you explain the Ovation ultra-minimally invasive technique?


Absolutely. Instead of cutting the hand and wrist open to view and cut through the carpal ligament, the Ovation Hand Institute utilizes ultrasound technology to guide a piece of thread to cut the carpal ligament. The thread is routed in the hand using a needle with only two small punctures as entry and exit points, [...]

Can you explain the Ovation ultra-minimally invasive technique?2020-04-24T12:31:49-06:00

Is an EMG necessary to perform this procedure?


Yes, we do require that all patients have the EMG (electromyography) prior to the procedure. This is a requirement because the EMG testing is used to formally diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome.

Is an EMG necessary to perform this procedure?2019-07-25T15:59:46-06:00

What happens if my insurance denies the procedure?


If your insurance company denies the procedure coverage, we will offer our services at a discounted rate. We will work with you to get you the help you need! Additionally, you can continue conservative care of your symptoms, including wearing a wrist brace and perhaps receiving a carpal tunnel steroid injection. We perform the injections [...]

What happens if my insurance denies the procedure?2019-07-25T16:18:15-06:00

Do you take insurance?


Yes! We take most major insurance carriers. Please give us a call at (844)432.1600 to confirm your insurance is in-network.  We will help you get pre-authorization for the procedure.

Do you take insurance?2021-03-02T10:20:34-06:00

Am I awake during the procedure?


Because we are able to use a local anesthetic, you are awake which significantly lowers the risk of the procedure.  However, your hand is numb, and you will not feel a thing. Additionally, you will have calming Nature TV to view during the procedure and can also listen to music.

Am I awake during the procedure?2018-09-23T09:21:39-06:00

Will I need a driver after the procedure?


Please have a driver or arrange for transportation since your hand will be numb for a couple of hours after the procedure. We are happy to assist you in securing an Uber or Lyft.

Will I need a driver after the procedure?2018-09-23T09:20:57-06:00

How long will it be before my carpal tunnel symptoms improve?


Most people have immediate relief, but results are individual and depend on how long you have had carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have not had carpal tunnel syndrome for a long period of time, your symptoms are expected to improve quickly, particularly nighttime pain. If you have suffered for many years the numbness and tingling [...]

How long will it be before my carpal tunnel symptoms improve?2018-09-23T09:20:10-06:00
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