• Does Carpal Tunnel Cause Shoulder Pain

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Affect Your Shoulder?

Many people wonder if carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) causes shoulder pain. While the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can radiate up the arm, the short answer is that CTS does not directly affect the shoulder. Carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder problems are two distinct conditions, and it is possible to have one without the other. CTS mainly affects the hand and wrist, however, if you are experiencing shoulder problems that could be related. It is essential to consult a professional for a proper diagnosis. The team at Ovation Hand Institute has specialized experience caring for patients. In this article, we [...]

  • How Long Is Carpal Tunnel Recovery Time

How Long Is Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time?

Are you considering having surgery to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome and unsure how long it would take you to recover? Worry not! The Ovation Hand Institute is here to help. After carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, every patient wants a speedy return to their daily activities.  At Ovation Hand Institute, we provide you with the best care and the most up-to-date techniques for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Usually, non-surgical alternatives are used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome first. If non-surgical treatments do not alleviate symptoms, it may be advisable to undergo surgery to release pressure on [...]