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Hands Relieved from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain
Hands Relieved from CTS Pain

Our Patients are Talking…

Patients have immediate relief…

“As soon as I had the procedure my pain, tingling, and numbness were gone. No more waking up 8-10 times a night to walk around swinging my arm to relieve the burning pain. I get better quality of sleep and function better throughout the day.”

JO-MARIE R., Patient

“I was relieved of my symptoms immediately. The procedure was virtually pain-free and the doctor did a great job. Loved the staff as well.”

DAN D., Patient

“I can’t thank you enough for easing the pain in my wrist and bringing such immediate relief! And the recovery time was nothing.”

TOM H., Patient

“For the last six months, I would awake at night with painfully lower arm, hand, thumb and next two fingers. Now I sleep through without any pain or tingling sensation.”

WAYNE S., Patient

“Great experience! Painless ‘quick procedure.’ Immediate painless recovery! Back to daily activities within 2 days! Sleep-filled nights again. No pain…no numbness! I’m grateful!”

ELAINE F., Patient

Patients love the experience…

Ovation Hand Institute is the most patient-centered medical experience I have had. The technique works as intended; the recovery is fast and pain-free. I would recommend them to anyone with carpal tunnel issues.

DIANE M., Patient

“The people, from the receptionist to the medical professionals were all friendly, positive and supportive. The treatment and surgical options promising quicker recovery with fewer side effects is a dream come true.”

SCOTT W., Patient

“The staff was informed, personable, answered my questions and addressed my concerns. They genuinely care about what they do and their patients…The procedure did not take a long time and I felt immediate relief as the local anesthetic wore off…Best of all I can sleep at night without waking due to hand and arm pain!”


“This surgery has the ability to be life-altering. I had immediate relief from the numbness. The recovery time as compared to conventional surgery is simply amazing. The care and genuine concern have been nothing less than exceptional. I am and will continue to spread the word as an advocate for this procedure.”

BRETT K., Patient

“Ovation Hand Institute is the epitome of a professional, compassionate and results oriented organization. The Doctors and especially, Andrea and the rest of the staff, make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Their dedication and compassion are above reproach. I will spread the word that Ovation is the place to have your pain and discomfort eliminated.”

JAMES B., Patient

Patients get back to life quickly…

I had dealt with generally mild carpal tunnel problems with my left hand for decades that worsened over time… I was able to resume my regular work as a neurosurgeon without limitation as scheduled the following week with complete resolution of nerve symptoms and minor hand pain that gradually improved.”


“I have talked with people that had carpal tunnel surgery and off of work for 6 weeks. I am retired but could have gone to work the next day.”

ROGER K., Patient

“I am a 69 yo Mayo Clinic-trained Reproductive Endocrinologist…When suffering from significant carpal tunnel pain, unresponsive to therapy or medications, I researched Ovation Hand Institute and their innovative surgical technique. The remarkable & minimally invasive technique allowed me to return to my practice and do procedures in a very short period of time…”


“I have suffered from carpal tunnel in both hands for 30 years…I knew though that I would need to have something done when my symptoms interfered with my life and with sleeping…I knew this was the treatment for me. I entered this with complete trust that my life would be changed for the better. Everything was perfect. I cannot say enough, except thank you…”

TIA L., Patient

“I’m so glad I found Ovation. At the time, I was so desperate for relief that I was going to submit to the old technique & would have faced a longer & much more difficult recovery. Ovation Hand Institute is innovative, modern and exceeded my expectations.”

TERRI M., Patient